Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe: New times!

CNC Machines | CNX Series

Cam multi spindle machines have been a very interesting alternative for high series production during the last decades. In the 21st century companies are demanding more easy-to-use multispindle lathes, while machined parts become more complex. This kind of automatic lathes are losing it historic relevance inside the factories.

If you want improve your company production capacities, why cams and no CNC? Just contact us without any compromise and compare investments.

As our contribution to the field of automatic lathes, we developed this CNC Multi Spindle LATHE with similar configuration to your cam multispindle machines, with the great advantage of set up times, the improved precision (due the CNC technology) and its easiness to use compared to old cam multispindle automatic lathes. This is the best alternative for companies looking to replace old cam automatic lathes and/or want to jump easily into the CNC multispindle machinig field.

The CNX SERIES of our CNC MULTISPINDLE AUTOMATIC LATHES are available in different versions depending on the bar passage (mm):
6.16 | 6.25 | 6.35 |  6.45 | 6.55 | 8.32 | 8.48 

These CNC multispindle automatic lathes are fully configurable by the user, as needs arise. The equipment and operations that needs to be performed in the machine are 100% scalable. It means that the user can install just the necessary for a certain job, and later install further equipment, slides configuration, etc.

We have designed this multi spindle, thinking of the flexibility for part reference changes that offer any CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE!

  • Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe: New times!
  • Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe: New times!
  • Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe: New times!
  • Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe: New times!


8 CNC axes (+2 option.)

Automatic tool wearing compensation

Slides positioning with precision of 3μ

High thermostability thanks to a rigid compact design

Optimized ROI of your investment in your CNC MULTISPINDLE AUTOMATIC LATHES


Our CNC Automatic lathes can be upgraded at any time with different accesories and several equipment when your part requires it:

  • Auto Bar feeder for the automatic lathe
  • Palletizing systems
  • High pressure pump
  • Detectors: Part length, diameters, tool breakage, etc
  • Quick change tool holders
  • Oil mist extractors
  • "Turn-key" projects

  • Unbeatable set up times, comparable to cnc automatic lathes
  • Standard programing
  • Higher precision
  • Easy-to-use concept
  • No need of super-skilled operators anymore
  • Turn-key projects