Training in multispindle lathes CNX SERIES

Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe | CNX Series

Operational and setting up training program for our CNC multispindle automatic lathes CNX SERIES

One of the most important points of any investment in machines is the human factor. We think that not only the machine is important to achieve the required productivity, also operators. 

Nowadays, companies using cam multispindle lathes would like to move to CNC Multispindle Lathes. They know that cam multispindle machines are quite unflexible for different part set ups. To avoid these matters, METRA designed the CNC Multispindle Automatic Lathe CNX SERIES, which is known by the quickest multispindle of its range for different part set ups. 

We know what a cam multispindle lathe is, and we want that our users gain productivity, flexibility, precision and reliability when they receive their multispindle lathe. For this, we desiged our machines for an easy manipulation, while we increase the precision against old cam multispindles.

This training course is focused on operators and machine setters, and they will learn easily:

  • Part program design and upload
  • Front and cross operations of the machine
  • Attachments of the multispindle
  • Tool changes, tool adjustments, attachments, etc
  • Tool presseting
  • Part machining and expertise

CNC Multispindle Automatic Lathe Preventive maintenance training

In METRA, we consider essential a good machine maintenance for long term performance. We want that the operator uses the machine as if it were his investment. To achieve an involvement of the multispindle machine operator, we tailor individual training courses independently of the previous level and experience in the Multispindle world.

This cnc machine training program is thought for maintenance personeel, and they will learn:
  • Maintenance intervals of the machine
  • Hardware and Software
  • Hydraulic power pack and lubricating systems maintenance
  • How to adjust the electronical and mechanical parameters of the machine
  • How to maintain the drives in an optimal status