Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe Training | CXZ SERIES

Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe | CXZ Series

In order to maximize the advantages of our multi spindle lathes, it is essential that users notice every possibility that this technology is offering. We are aware of this, and consequently, we have simplified the multispindle usage and its maintenance, to accelerate the machine set ups in this CXZ SERIES of MULTISPINDLE LATHES.

This operational training in MULTISPINDLE LATHES is focused on operators and setters, and they will learn:

  • CNC menus and program loadings to the multi spindle lathe
  • Alarms and security functions
  • Cross and frontal operations
  • Attachments of your MULTISPINDLE LATHE
  • Changes in working slide travels by the CNC
  • Tool presetting in/out the machine

Preventive maintenance training for MULTISPINDLE LATHES:

In METRA, we consider essential a correct maintenance that assures the correct long term performance of your Multispindle lathe. To get the most of the multi, we have individual training courses independently of your previous level and experience in the Multispindle Lathe world.

This machine training course  is concepted for maintenance personeel and/or operators, and they will learn about the lathe:
  • CXZ MULTISPINDLE LATHE fundamentals.
  • Maintenance intervals of the machine
  • Training in the machine hardware and software
  • About electronic components
  • Hydraulic power pack and lubricating systems maintenance

Don't miss this oportunity to become an expert with MULTI SPINDLE LATHES!