Multi Spindle Machines Training | CNC and Operation

Keep your CNC MULTI SPINDLE MACHINES working full day!

To optimize the performance of the CNC MULTISPINDLE AUTOMATIC MACHINE that you just acquired, we tailor individual training courses independently of your previous level and experience in the Multispindle Machine world. 

Every machine manufactured by METRA uses CNC technology, well known by its easy manipulation.

We consider essential a deep machine knowledge for the correct performance of your multi, to maintain the production capacity for your precision parts. 

We have developed a specific training program for this CNC MULTISPINDLE MACHINE, based on theorics and practics:

Our machines are concepted to last over 15 years (24:7) at low maintenance cost. To improve the life of your machine, we have designed individual trainings for your employees, as a warranty of having a machine in service during the life of your multispindle:

*Operational and setting up training program for your CXZ Chuck series MULTISPINDLE MACHINE:

This CNC Multispindle automatic machine training program was designed for machine operators and process engineers, and they will learn:

    • CXZ Chuck seriesMULTI SPINDLE MACHINE fundamentals
    • Training in hardware and software
    • How to adjust the electronic parameters of the CNC automatic machine
    • Part program design
    • Machining process optimization
    • Machine tooling and attachments of the multi spindle
    • Cross and frontal operations of the machine
    • Tool presetting 

*Preventive maintenance training program for your multispindle automatic machine:

For the life of any machine we find essential a correct maintenance. This will assure a correct long term performance of your Multi Spindle automatic machine, the main question that arises while considering the purchase of new equipments for your precision parts.

The content of this machine training course is based in maintenance. This training can be taken by your maintenance workers (if any) or directly to the machine operator. Independently from who will take this training (operators or maintenance), our engineers will assure a complete understanding of the machine

    • Maintenance intervals of your machine
    • Hydraulic power pack and lubricating systems maintenance
    • How to maintain the drives in an optimal status
    • About electronic components
    • Machine Spindles and Chucks maintenance
    • How to maintain the drives of the machine in an optimal status

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